LOTRO Screen Shots: Brrokk's Adventures in Middle Earth, Continued

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This web page shows more of my screen captures from 'Lord of the Rings Online' (LOTRO), featuring myself as Brrokk Barrowbane, Guardian, Grand Master Jeweller, Prospector and Cook, some of my comrades in the mighty Wight Knuckle kinship, and a few of the notable people and places in Middle Earth that I've seen. It follows on from the first page.

Ahh, Brrokk has arrived at last and a bit of relaxation is in order. All that questing, slaying monsters and finding treasure has brought him at last to the pinnacle of existence as a level 50 character! Now all the tedious uncompleted low level quests can be forgotten. Brrokk will only accept requests for assistance if the pay is good!

At level 50, life can have a slower pace. There's more time to just stand around deep in thought. For example, one can just happen to be standing on the top step of the approach to Thorin's Hall, gazing into the distance and coincidentally being admired by all the low level characters... That's not wrong, is it? Everyone does that when they get to L50, don't they?

Brrokk still goes adventuring with the Wight Knuckle kinship though, most of whom are also level 50. In combat they are a force to be reckoned with indeed. Sometimes, though, the planning proves more difficult. Here, Brrokk's attention wanders a bit as the rest slowly work through the difficult negotiations involved in organising a drinking session in the Prancing Pony.

Occasionally the planning gets really difficult and dissent can set in. Here, Brrokk watches in amazement as Jayar and Steveomere give healthy expression to their differences. He's sure they'll stop it if a big troll or something turns up though.

Here's a better show of unity. Brrokk, Jayar, Carlfrid and Steveomere all shooting at the same target.

Wight Knuckle are actually doing very well; they have their own house now. It's not very comfortable inside yet; needs some carpet. It's a good place to display your trophies though. Here are a wolf and a warg which Brrokk slew and had stuffed. The next picture shows the helm of Sambrog, from the Great Barrow, mounted on the wall.

The Wight Knuckle house now has a plentiful supply of ale too, all ready for quaffing. (Quaffing is the same as drinking, but you spill more).

Being level 50 doesn't mean you can drop ALL quests. There are still some rewards to be had by developing virtues such as patience and loyalty. And there's nothing like hobbits to teach you patience! Here Brrokk is working as a postman in the Shire. The deal is that you have to deliver the post from one town to another quickly, and not get noticed by any "nosy hobbits" who will delay you with questions. Part of the Shire Post safety briefing states that beheading those nosy hobbits with one sweep of a big axe is unacceptable, which Brrokk thinks is a bit of a shame.

The job may be annoying, but the Shire is a lovely working environment. And at the end of a hard day delivering post...

... you can enjoy a well-earned drink in a comfortable pub. There aren't many places in Middle Earth where you can do that.

Other interesting tasks set by the hobbits include letting off fireworks. This one seems to be going OK. Ah, now it's giving enough light to read the small print. "Fix upright. Light fuse and retire to a safe dist-"

While here, Brrokk can indulge his fantasy of a career on the stage. "Friends, Dwarves, countrymen, lend me your axes..." I hope more people will turn up on opening night.

But after an interlude of such tame activities, Brrokk craves adventure once again. A journey with the Wight Knuckle fellowship takes him far into the land of Angmar, into a sinister looking chapel. This isn't much like the church I go to in real life. And what are all these people waiting for?

Whoa! Talk about meeting famous people! In 'The Lord of the Rings', you can't get more famous than The Lord of the Rings, Sauron himself! Or a bit of him, at least. He likes to keep an eye on his followers. This isn't a good place to hang around!

Yes, there are great evils in Middle Earth. And after a while, Brrokk believes he's noticed the reason. Mad architects! I mean, look at this tower. If you had a home like that, you'd have no choice, would you? You'd have to be evil!

Well, there we are, level 50. But there's still plenty to do in Middle Earth. Metalworking...



Slaying terrifying beasts such as giant turtles and fire drakes...

And just relaxing. Here, Brrokk and Steveomere take a well deserved break from vanquishing the forces of evil.

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