LOTRO Screen Shots: Brrokk's Adventures in Middle Earth

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This web page shows a few of my screen captures from 'Lord of the Rings Online' (LOTRO), featuring myself as Brrokk, Guardian, Bane of the Barrows, Grand Master Jeweller, some of my comrades in the mighty Wight Knuckle kinship, and a few of the notable people and places in Middle Earth that I've seen.

Let's start with me, why not? Being in Middle Earth is great, and being able to get screen shots means it's ideal for posing. The secret to successful posing is to position the camera low down, especially if you're a dwarf. Brrokk Barrowbane out on a starry night

There's not much time for standing about, though, even after dark. Here Brrokk is hard at work at the forge.

Well, just one more pose from Brrokk before moving on. Here he warms his back in the Hall of Fire after a cold evening prospecting in the Misty Mountains.

Brrokk's not vain really. Well, not the most vain member of Wight Knuckle anyway. Not by far. That award must go to the one I will just call... the Elf.

Being in a kinship is great. One of the most obvious benefits is help with really tough quests when you're getting started and the other guys are higher level. Here we are, going into the Great Barrow.

It's a creepy place. You wouldn't want to go there alone!

One of the most significant milestones in LOTRO progress is reaching level 35 and being able to get a horse. I remember a "horsy" afternoon, riding around the paddock and identifying sorrel, bay and chestnut horses to get the necessary riding license. And then, it cost an awful lot. Brrokk had to go slaying trolls and taking their treasure, (well, why should they have it?) But finally, here is Brrokk with his trusty and courageous pony. Posing again? Surely not.

Once you can ride, it's easier to keep up with the kinship, (who have all been doing it for some time). Forth the Wight Knuckle Riders! We ride to the cave of the trolls.

The trolls didn't enjoy our visit at all. A dramatic confrontation here; all sorts of special effects being let off. Brrokk is hardly visible; you can just see his hammer. Unfortunately it's often the Guardian's role to fight something from underneath, (the worst ever was a giant turtle). But what's wrong with this picture? Do you see it? The Elf's using a club! Not very elvish eh? Poor posing there.

After slaying every single troll we remount in the sunlight before riding to new adventures. Where did you get that hat, Daveomere?

Returning to the Great Barrow as higher level characters, it didn't seem nearly so scary. Here we are after slaying all the wights. L to R: Jayar, Steveomere, Daveomere and Brrokk. Daveomere still going in for questionable headgear.

Goblin Town is one of the best bits of the latest expansion. Full of authentic gobliney atmosphere, with distant shrieks and cackling laughs. Here we are fighting our way in.

We made our way to the Throne Room and met the Great Goblin himself. He seemed strangely subdued the first time and didn't want to fight, so we posed for a photo with him instead. L to R: Jayar, Steveomere, Big Green and Brrokk.

On a later visit we found out how to control cool glowing icons above our heads. L to R: Carlfrid, Daveomere, Steveomere, Jayar and Brrokk.

After slaying all the goblins, Brrokk got a chance to try the Great Goblin's throne. Seems a bit big really. And how is he going to get it home?

It's not always a happy ending to quests. We made several raids into Goblin Town to find this elf lady, but then even after slaying all the jailors and collecting a dozen keys, we couldn't coax her out of there. Obviously too traumatised to face freedom.

Slaying goblins is fun, but the real attracion of LOTRO for me is just being in Tolkien's Middle Earth. The scenery is often awesome. One of the first things I had to do was go to Bag End and try to get in. Yes, you can get in, but it's full of packing cases because the Sackville-Bagginses are just moving in. It's wonderfully detailed inside and out. I know there are others like me because, even though there are no quests leading there, it's quite a busy place. Basically, it's a place of pilgramage for Tolkien enthusiasts!

The rest of the Shire is great too, and there is breathtaking scenery throughout Middle Earth.

And then there's architecture. My favourite place throughout the lands of Middle Earth has got to be Rivendell. Curses, what am I saying? Brrokk is a dwarf! Well, elves might be a waste of cloth (you can get two dwarf cloaks out of one elf cloak), and rather too tall (if Brrokk was that tall his feet would be underground), but it must be admitted: they have style. Including great building style.

On top of all that, you get the chance to meet famous people. Hi, Bilbo! Back again I see. And who's that sneaking about in the last picture?

Thinking of famous people brings me to mention another great feature of LOTRO. It's so true to the books. Not the films, the books! Tolkien enthusiasts sometimes quote a simple measure of how accurate an adaptation is: has it got Tom Bombadil? LOTRO not only has Tom, but you can look round his house and Goldberry is outside too. And, yes, Goldberry has some lilies floating in water!

And I met Arwen walking in the woods of Rivendell too. No modern PC Hollywood stuff here. Arwen chooses to wear an elegant dress instead of armour. She graciously thanks you for finding a special jewel you were sent to recover for her. She doesn't, for example, ride around the countryside getting her cheek scratched and arguing with unsavoury characters in black cloaks. She behaves as befits Elrond's daughter and leaves orc-slaying to her brothers. Great characterisation.

Well, that's all from Brrokk for now. Forth to new adventures!

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